EZ Cash Buy/Pawn/Sell

EZ Cash Pawn Shop offers several quality services to our customers:

Pawn: If you are in need of cash and have an unwanted item of value, you can pawn it at EZ Cash Pawn Shop and get paid today. Simply bring the item to any of our four locations and tell them you want to pawn it. The item’s value will be determined at that time and that amount will be paid to you in cash. Ask each location manager for specific details regarding how many days an item can be held and what is needed to get it back.

Selling: If you are in need of money and just want to sell your item for its current value, we can help. Bring your item into one of our locations, and we will determine the value and tell you the amount we can buy it for. It is up to you whether or not you want to sell the item for that price. We will make the fairest offer possible.

Buying: EZ Cash Pawn Shop provides great deals on a range of items including jewelry, musical instruments, watches, TVs, and more! You should visit us soon and see the tremendous values for yourself. Many of our items are very gently used, and you will get a significantly better value than if you were to pay retail prices. Our product selection and items vary from store to store and month to month, but you can surely find whatever it is you are looking for at one of our locations.

Gold Buying Services

Along with the above services, we also offer gold buying in Columbus. Our employees will offer you a fair market price for your piece of jewelry. Whether it is new, old, gently used, or slightly tarnished, we will offer you a competitive price. You always have a choice to proceed with the transaction or take your item as is after we give you a quote. We do our best to offer top dollar for every piece.

Visit Us to See What You Can Save

The best way to find out about our inventory and selection is to visit our stores. On any given day, we can have everything from a diamond ring to a vintage violin to a gently used laptop. You will immediately notice our friendly customer service attitude and variety of products on sale when you come to EZ Cash Pawn Shop. We look forward to serving you at any of our four Columbus, Ohio, locations!