Jewelry Pawn Shop

Are you tired of your old jewelry and want to upgrade? Not sure if it is worth anything? Bring your old, tarnished, gently used, or worn-out jewelry to our jewelry pawn shop in Columbus. We offer competitive prices for new and used jewelry at our pawn shop. You can bring your older jewelry and trade it in for something fancier at EZ Cash Pawn Shop, or take your cash directly from us. Our transactions are efficient and easy.

We work with local gold-buying specialists to strategically build our gold collection. We are always looking for more jewelry because gold is very valuable in today’s market. We often keep jewelry in our shop to re-sell to interested buyers. Invest in gold today or use your gold jewelry collection for fast cash. When you are in dire need of cash, selling gold can be one of the best ways to get immediate financial results.

Fine Diamonds at EZ Cash Pawn

Not only do we have knowledgeable gold buyers at our pawn shop, we also have employees with extensive experience with fine diamonds and semi-precious stones. We buy, sell, and trade fine diamonds at EZ Cash in Columbus. Diamonds really can be a girl’s best friend. Visit us today if you are looking for a special gift for a loved one or significant other, and we will show you our vast inventory. We have something for every woman’s style. You can often find top-quality products at a pawn shop for a fraction of the price.

Save Money

You can save time and money when you shop at a pawn shop. Whereas some big-box stores have quotas to meet and overhead costs, our pawn shops are owned locally and we offer a wide range of products at great prices. We offer exceptional customer service, and we truly care about getting our customers the best value and deal. We are knowledgeable about our inventory and will find something that fits your needs and your budget. Visit our jewelry and fine diamond pawn shop in Columbus today! We have four convenient locations and flexible business hours to accommodate your busy schedule.